The Fallout of Davis Bertans Sitting Out of the NBA’s Restart

Davis Bertans has decided to forgo the rest of the 2020 NBA season. Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The state of the NBA is anything but normal right now. Even the postseason structure is muddier than usual, but the Washington Wizards are – in a way – part of it. They’re one of 22 soon-to-be “bubble teams” that will participate in the shortened restart of the regular season, and they’ll have a chance to compete for a top eight seed in the Eastern Conference. One player who won’t be participating in that battle, however, is sharp-shooter Davis Bertans.

On the surface, that’s bad news for the Wizards because it hurts their playoff chances. After all, he’s the team’s No. 2 scorer and only true threat aside from Bradley Beal that opposing defenses feel much of a need to respect.

On the other hand, what has the mantra been for the Wizards all season? Perhaps this is an opportunity to step back and remember the bigger picture.

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Wizards Progress Report: Small Forwards

Whereas point guard and shooting guard are crowded positions in some regard although not as much anymore, with Justin Robinson waived, Chris Chiozza in Brooklyn on a two-way deal, and Garrison Mathews banged up small forward has been the position where you ask yourself, “Do they really have to play someone?” For a variety of reasons, this group hasn’t lived up to its billing. However, there should be hope moving forward. Continue reading “Wizards Progress Report: Small Forwards”

Wizards Progress Report: Shooting Guards

Whereas the point guard position is in a state of flux from top to bottom, there is some certainty at shooting guard. The starter isn’t a mystery, and the pecking order behind him is also relatively clear.

With that said, the Wizards need more from this group (from multiple perspectives) if they want to separate from the other teams near the bottom of the league standings which no one outside the organization can definitively say they do want. That process starts at the top in terms of both players and staff. Continue reading “Wizards Progress Report: Shooting Guards”

Wizards Progress Report: Point Guards

In many respects, point guard was the Wizards’ most uncertain position entering the season. Aside from John Wall who might not even play this year, due to his Achilles injury Washington didn’t retain a single player at the position who ended last season on its roster.

Rather than making a splash, Tommy Sheppard opted to sign a former All-Star to a one-year “buy low” deal, a lifelong backup for two years, an undrafted rookie to a semi-guaranteed deal, and another youngster who has split time between the NBA and the G-League to a two-way contract. Continue reading “Wizards Progress Report: Point Guards”