Should the Nationals Approve Re-Signing Asdrubal Cabrera?

For much of 2019, the Nationals lacked consistent production at second base — and they definitely didn’t have sufficient depth at the position.

As mentioned in my Matt Adams profile, they also didn’t have many respectable left-handed hitters.

On August 3, the Texas Rangers released the switch-hitting Asdrubal Cabrera, who hit .235 with honorable (but unspectacular) power and 51 RBIs in 93 games. Continue reading “Should the Nationals Approve Re-Signing Asdrubal Cabrera?”

Will Matt Adams Hit a Big Fly in Free Agency?

Matt Adams isn’t the Nationals’ most flashy free agent, but he is among their most interesting free agents to follow — it’s a bit nuanced.

Adams had a $4 million mutual option on the table for 2020, with a $1 million buyout attached to it. Washington opted for the latter, exposing him to free agency. Continue reading “Will Matt Adams Hit a Big Fly in Free Agency?”

Washington Nationals: The Improbable 2019 World Series Champions

With their backs against the wall — doesn’t that seem evergreen this season? — the Washington Nationals returned to Houston, looking to prevent the Astros from doing what the Astros do: come up big in a big situation. How many times have you heard this story this season, and how many times have the Nationals come out on the losing end?

The latter number didn’t change in this series. The Cardiac Nats from 2012 — yes, it was that long ago — resurfaced, and this time it got Washington some hardware. Continue reading “Washington Nationals: The Improbable 2019 World Series Champions”

Washington Nationals Face a 3–2 World Series Deficit — But it’s Not Over

The Washington Nationals went 2–0 in Houston against the two AL Cy Young frontrunners and seemingly had every once of momentum on their side.

Then they came home to D.C. and it all suddenly disappeared. Their starting pitching wasn’t great, their bullpen was worse, and the entire lineup went cold — or should I say Coled?

That’s not to say the Astros didn’t simply show up and outplay the Nationals, because they did. That’s in their DNA. They won a World Series two years ago and had 107 victories this regular season. However, they also had their struggling third starter (Zack Greinke) and a rookie (Jose Urquidy) on the mound, whereas Washington featured a savvy veteran on a hot streak (Anibal Sanchez) and the man they thought was — and paid to be — their third ace (Patrick Corbin).

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Washington Nationals Bring a 2–0 Lead Back to D.C.

The Houston Astros entered the World Series with home-field advantage. If you haven’t watched the series (shame on you), you probably wouldn’t know that, as the road team has dominated most of the action through two games.

Now, the overwhelming underdogs (according to Las Vegas) lose what should have been their most noticeable disadvantage.

So how did we get into this situation?

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Washington Nationals face Houston Astros in the World Series

After what’s been an adventurous season, the Washington Nationals are meeting the Houston Astros (who just defeated the Yankees 4–2 in the ALCS) in the World Series.

Even aside from the stakes, this season will feature some extremely intriguing matchups. Washington has two bonafide ace pitchers, while Houston has the likely top two candidates for the AL Cy Young award. Each team has one of the less-heralded star third basemen (click the link if you need to be convinced) in the league, a young phenom slugger, an All-World shortstop — the list goes on.

Let’s take a deeper look. Continue reading “Washington Nationals face Houston Astros in the World Series”