Jalen Stroman’s Impact on the Hokies and NoVA Football

Not long ago, Greg Stroman was one of the anchors of the Virginia Tech football program, serving a starring role as a kick/punt returner while also developing into a high-quality (and eventually NFL-draftable) cornerback. Now his legacy has a chance to live on through his brother Jalen.

Greg and Jalen aren’t substantially different players, but Jalen may not play quite the same role(s) Greg did at Tech. On top of that, Jalen also bucked a significant trend in Prince William County football, and it has a chance to become something the Hokies revisit with some degree of regularity. Continue reading “Jalen Stroman’s Impact on the Hokies and NoVA Football”

State of Virginia Tech Football and the Justin Fuente Disconnect

Any sports program, regardless of the sport or level of competition, wants to be successful. But how is success truly defined? For some of the elite franchises, the only reasonable expectation is a championship within their league, but that only applies to a very exclusive group. For struggling programs, it might only be to win half of their games.

Where does Virginia Tech football fall on that spectrum? That’s a bit of a loaded question, and varying segments of the fanbase will offer very different responses. Some people will say there’s no reason why Tech can’t be a top 1015 team in the country on at least a semi-regular basis, while others will (without admitting it) settle for simply not being a middling team within the fairly weak ACC Coastal, especially if that still means they’re better than the school from Charlottesville. Continue reading “State of Virginia Tech Football and the Justin Fuente Disconnect”