An Overview of Newman and Fletcher’s Initial NFL Mock Drafts

Next month, NFL franchises will come together for the annual draft. (Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

We realize that sports are currently on the back burner, but the NFL Draft frenzy stops for no one even if it becomes more challenging for teams to get their eyes on players.

Stephen Newman and Robby Fletcher have each completed their preliminary mock drafts. No mock draft is perfect, though, and there is never a consensus on which players fit into every single slot. So with that in mind, let’s take a side-by-side look at the selections.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

Newman: QB Joe Burrow (LSU)

Fletcher: Burrow

2. Washington Redskins

Newman: EDGE Chase Young (Ohio State)

Fletcher: Young

3. Detroit Lions

Newman: CB Jeffrey Okudah (Ohio State)

Fletcher: Okudah

4. New York Giants

Newman: LB Isaiah Simmons (Clemson)

Fletcher: OT Tristan Wirfs (Iowa)

5. Miami Dolphins

Newman: QB Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama)

Fletcher: Tagovailoa

6. Los Angeles Chargers

Newman: QB Justin Herbert (Oregon)

Fletcher: Herbert

7. Carolina Panthers

Newman: DT Derrick Brown (Auburn)

Fletcher: LB Isaiah Simmons (Clemson)

8. Arizona Cardinals

Newman: WR CeeDee Lamb (Oklahoma)

Fletcher: OT Jedrick Wills Jr. (Alabama)

9. Jacksonville Jaguars

Newman: OT Tristan Wirfs (Iowa)

Fletcher: DT Derrick Brown (Auburn)

10. Cleveland Browns

Newman: OT Mekhi Becton (Louisville)

Fletcher: OT Andrew Thomas (Georgia)

11. New York Jets

Newman: OT Jedrick Wills Jr. (Alabama)

Fletcher: WR CeeDee Lamb (Oklahoma)

12. Las Vegas Raiders

Newman: WR Jerry Jeudy (Alabama)

Fletcher: Jeudy

13. Indianapolis Colts

Newman: QB Jordan Love (Utah State)

Fletcher: DT Javon Kinlaw (South Carolina)

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Newman: DT Javon Kinlaw (South Carolina)

Fletcher: OT Mekhi Becton (Louisville)

15. Denver Broncos

Newman: WR Henry Ruggs III (Alabama)

Fletcher: CB Jeff Gladney (TCU)

16. Atlanta Falcons

Newman: EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson (LSU)

Fletcher: Chaisson

17. Dallas Cowboys

Newman: CB C.J. Henderson (Florida)

Fletcher: S Grant Delpit (LSU)

18. Miami Dolphins

Newman: OT Andrew Thomas (Georgia)

Fletcher: RB Jonathan Taylor (Wisconsin)

19. Las Vegas Raiders

Newman: LB Kenneth Murray (Oklahoma)

Fletcher: CB C.J. Henderson (Florida)

20. Jacksonville Jaguars

Newman: LB Patrick Queen (LSU)

Fletcher: LB Kenneth Murray (Oklahoma)

21. Philadelphia Eagles

Newman: WR Justin Jefferson (LSU)

Fletcher: WR Henry Ruggs III (Alabama)

22. Buffalo Bills

Newman: DE A.J. Epenesa (Iowa)

Fletcher: LB Patrick Queen (LSU)

23. New England Patriots

Newman: S Grant Delpit (LSU)

Fletcher: DE A.J. Epenesa (Iowa)

24. New Orleans Saints

Newman: CB Trevon Diggs (Alabama)

Fletcher: WR Justin Jefferson (LSU)

25. Minnesota Vikings

Newman: S Xavier McKinney (Alabama)

Fletcher: McKinney

26. Miami Dolphins

Newman: RB D’Andre Swift (Georgia)

Fletcher: OT Josh Jones (Houston)

27. Seattle Seahawks

Newman: DT Ross Blacklock (TCU)

Fletcher: LB Zack Baun (Wisconsin)

28. Baltimore Ravens

Newman: EDGE Yetur Gross-Matos (Penn State)

Fletcher: Gross-Matos

29. Tennessee Titans

Newman: OT Josh Jones (Houston)

Fletcher: CB Jaylon Johnson (Utah)

30. Green Bay Packers

Newman: WR Tee Higgins (Clemson)

Fletcher: Higgins

31. San Francisco 49ers

Newman: CB Kristian Fulton (LSU)

Fletcher: WR Brandon Aiyuk (Arizona State)

32. Kansas City Chiefs

Newman: RB J.K. Dobbins (Ohio State)

Fletcher: CB Trevon Diggs (Alabama)

Deep Dive

For the most part, we see eye-to-eye on rankings at each position. However, there are three positions where we differ to varying degrees.

Offensive Tackle


  1. Tristan Wirfs
  2. Mekhi Becton
  3. Jedrick Wills Jr.
  4. Andrew Thomas
  5. Josh Jones


  1. Tristan Wirfs
  2. Jedrick Wills Jr.
  3. Andrew Thomas
  4. Mekhi Becton
  5. Josh Jones

All things considered, the variances at offensive tackle are fairly negligible, as we each have Becton, Wills, and Thomas being selected somewhere between Nos. 8–18, and the only difference in opinion at the position is Becton (Newman ranks him second while Fletcher rates him fourth).



  1. Jeffrey Okudah
  2. C.J. Henderson
  3. Trevon Diggs
  4. Kristian Fulton


  1. Jeffrey Okudah
  2. Jeff Gladney
  3. C.J. Henderson
  4. Jaylon Johnson
  5. Trevon Diggs

Cornerback has some larger differences both in terms of whom and how many we project. Fletcher includes Newman’s top three corners in his mock draft, but he also has Gladney and Johnson, whereas Newman’s fourth and final corner of the round is Fulton.

Running Back


  1. D’Andre Swift
  2. J.K. Dobbins


  1. Jonathan Taylor

Running back is perhaps the biggest position of contention. Newman includes two backs, while Fletcher opts for only one, and none of the names are the same although it’s possible that all three of them fall within each of our top trios at the position.

At every other position, our rankings are the same including no tight ends or interior offensive linemen being selected in the round. At quarterback, wide receiver, defensive tackle, and linebacker, one person’s lowest-ranked player doesn’t crack the other’s top 32 overall, but we otherwise have a consensus.

We even agree at wide receiver, which is a deep, highly-contentious position in this draft class. The top three CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, and Henry Ruggs are universally agreed upon, but the majority of analysts don’t rank them in that order. We do.

Overall, we agree on 10 selections, including five of the first six. We also have variances of three slots or fewer on 11 additional players, which generally indicates differences in perceived fit as opposed to talent of the player. The more significant disagreements are below:

Tristan Wirfs

Newman: No. 9 (Jaguars)

Fletcher: No. 4 (Giants)

Andrew Thomas

Newman: No. 18 (Dolphins)

Fletcher: No. 10 (Browns)

Mekhi Becton

Newman: No. 10 (Browns)

Fletcher: No. 14 (Buccaneers)

Henry Ruggs III

Newman: No. 15 (Broncos)

Fletcher: No. 21 (Eagles)

Grant Delpit

Newman: No. 23 (Patriots)

Fletcher: No. 17 (Cowboys)

Trevon Diggs

Newman: No. 24 (Saints)

Fletcher: No. 32 (Chiefs)

Newman also includes Jordan Love (No. 13), D’Andre Swift (No. 26), Ross Blacklock (No. 27), Kristian Fulton (No. 31) and J.K. Dobbins (No. 32); whereas Fletcher favors Jeff Gladney (No. 15), Jonathan Taylor (No. 18), Zack Baun (No. 27), Jaylon Johnson (No. 29) and Brandon Aiyuk (No. 31).

So whose mock draft do you prefer? What picks do you like, and who are some players that we’ve missed on?

As it stands, the NFL Draft is slated to begin on Thursday, April 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET and run through Saturday, April 25. However, this is certainly subject to change, given the circumstances nationwide.

In any event, this is not the last draft content you will see from us. If the draft is indeed delayed, expect us to fill that gap!

One thought on “An Overview of Newman and Fletcher’s Initial NFL Mock Drafts

  1. Will be high quality draft. Thanks for side by side comparisons…filling in this major downtime for all sports and competition. Hope world’s problems solved so no need for another round of forecasting


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